About Us

School Office Contact Information, School Office Tel. 901-373-1219

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Tallie Hodges, tallie.hodges@cc.cdom.org

Director of Athletics/PAA, Mrs. Sondra Morris, morriss@sbaeagles.org 

Coordinator of Counseling, Maggie Tobias

Transcript Request

If you need a school transcript, please complete this form and email it to tallie.hodges@cc.cdom.org  Transcript Request Form_mar2022

Catholic School Career

If are you interested in working at one of our schools, please click on this link: https://cdom.org/careers/

If you would like to become a substitute teacher in one of our schools, please complete the application and submit this along with your resume to Tallie Hodges at tallie.hodges@cc.cdom.org

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